The NE555Synth is a home-made transparent analog synthesizer designed in 2008. It is based on the famous NE555 chip which can produce basic square waves. This synthesizer contains six oscillators mounted in parallel. Each oscillator uses two NE555 chips and have two operating modes : pure square and pulse-width modulation.

This project started in july 2008. Firstly, I cut the plexiglas box and then I soldered the three main boards (with NE555 chips) :

Secondly, I soldered the two condenser-bank boards :

Here comes a view of all boards fixed in the plexiglas box :

Yes, it's a very serious investigation !

On the oscilloscope, I can control the produced signal :

Now, it's finished !

After this first prototype, I built a second one with only three oscillators and ten pink leds inside the box :

You can find the complete schematics and the instructions here.

The NE555Synth can be heared on the track À écouter sans substance particulière available here.